The media has suggested a lot of negative reasons not to tan but this is where we can provide educated information about the indoor tanning industry and the advantages to tanning in a controlled environment like our Salon.


Please visit the attached links and read some researched documentation that might give you some clarity on the benefits to tanning indoors or out.

A Sophisticated Way to Tan....

A Sophisticated Way to Tan....

A Sophisticated Way to Tan....

A Sophisticated Way to Tan....


The term “moderate tanning” means something different for every different individual, and that is an important point. The bottom line is what we call “The Golden Rule of Smart Tanning” – Don’t EVER sunburn.” A fair-skinned, red-headed, green-eyed person may not have the ability to develop a tan without sun burning. This person should not attempt to tan then. On the other hand, most of us have the ability to develop a tan, and the majority of us tan very easily. Moderation, in our view, means avoiding sunburn at all costs. Going about that agenda will mean something different to every different person.


Tanning can offer you a variety of different benefits.  The UV exposure to the skin from tanning, is the body’s natural and most effective way to produce vitamin D.   There is a growing acceptance for moderate sun exposure as the best, cheapest, most widely available and most natural source of Vitamin D.  A full-body tan makes more than 10,000 IU of vitamin D.  In comparison, an 8-ounce glass of whole milk is fortified with just 100 IU of vitamin D.   It also has been proven to help prevent breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer.

Indoor tanning tips tell you the facts and files related to tanning:


·       Protecting your eyes, which are extremely sensitive to potentially harmful ultraviolet light . Your eyelids will not tan, they will burn easily. Ultraviolet damage to your eyes is cumulative. Closing your eyes will not protect them from potential ultraviolet damage


·      Moisturizing with a proper tanning lotion is very important for your skin. Even moist skin tans better, as the skin absorbs the UVA better and holds the color longer, therefore, moisturize before as well as after each tanning session.


  ·      If you intend to tan naked, gradually increase the exposure to those areas that generally remain covered.


·     If you are under any kind of medications, consult your family doctor or pharmacist. There are certain medicines that can cause reactions with UV light.   Medicines of blood pressure, any kind of antibiotics, and other skin problem medicines create allergic reactions by the UV rays.  Even something you ate for lunch could cause sensitivity to UV rays. (For a list of medications click


·      If you are a beginner, take the assistance of someone who is knowledgeable in the field.


·      Smart Tanners know that when the bulbs are new you are to start off at a lower tanning session and gradually work your way up.  Once you have obtained a base tan, you should not be tanning every day but 3 times a week at most.


·      Know how the skin works.  Tanning everyday only damages your skin and doesn’t allow it to naturally rejuvenate itself, which only thickens the skin which prevents the UVA from penetrating the skin.  This will result in damaged skin cells but also you will not be able to achieve any more of a tan.


·      Legislation is in place to protect the tanning consumer and help educate them on the healthy ways to tan, therefore, you are not permitted to tan prior to 24 hours from your last tanning session.  No exceptions are taken at Solarity Tanning Salon when it comes to enforcing the rules and legislation.


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