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Preperation for a Sunless Spray Tan

Skin replaces itself naturally every 28 days. Twenty-five percent of skin is exfoliated each week, causing a UV-tan to wear away. Sunless spray tans affect only the top 25 percent of skin. Sunless tanners should use a tan-extending program to maintain the level of the sunless tan longer.




Exfoliating with a salt scrub or Body Scrub is recommended the day before you sunless-tan. Removing loose, dead, dry skin cells that prevent even application of sunless solution will improve and extend your tanning results.

  • Before sunless-tanning, your skin should be clean and dry; don't use soaps or other shower moisturizers, as they interfere with your tan. Avoid bar soap.
  • Do not apply perfumes  or moisturizers to skin prior to tanning, and use deodorant sparingly. We recommended you shave the day before you tan and remove makeup before the tanning process.
  • Remove any jewelry prior to your session, preferably at home to ensure no items are misplaced.
  • Bring a bathing suit or suitable under garments to wear for your session, the solution will wash out, also disposables are available. Also remember to bring old dark-colored, loose-fitting clothing to wear home.
  • Before your session spray PH balance spray, such as Amber Sun-xLaTan, over your entire body as it helps boost the DHA development within the skin and helps provide a deeper, longer lasting  and natural looking tan. PH Balance spray also stabilizes the body's PH level to prevent an orange color.


Sunless-Tan Maintenance:


  • Avoid excessive sweating.
  • Avoid water for at least 4 hours or you will cause premature fading.  When you do shower/bath, avoid using any soaps, cleansers or exfoliating items for the first 16 hours, as they will halt the DHA affect.  Avoid chemically treated water, such as pools for at least 24 hours.
  • Using a moisturizer AFTER the initial 16 hours, can help to extend the length of a sunless tan. Also, there are moisturizers that are available with a light DHA bronzer in them to extend the look of a UV tan or sunless tan. The DHA bronzing will help to extend the tan and reduce uneven wear and patchiness.
  • We recommend that after every five weeks of spray-tanning, let your skin rest for 10 days. This allows you to completely lose your sunless tan periodically, which helps eliminate patchiness or uneven areas of wear. These areas are caused by normal contact with clothing and other surfaces, which cause unintended exfoliation. Healthy, moist skin will retain the results of your sunless tanning session longer. Sunless spray results will vary by individual.


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