We offer 1 of The SunStar® 332, which offers the following options;


·    20 minute maximum session time

·    32 Body Lamps

·    3 x 400 watt Heraeus lamps with Xtreme Reflection™ facial glass



This bed is great for those who are beginner tanners and want to take it a little slower.

• 12 minute maximum session time

• 48 Body Lamps
• 4 x 400 watt  Heraeus Facial lamps with Xtreme Reflection™ facial glass

• 4 x 40 watt Shoulder tanner lamps


  This high intensity bed is great for achieving a base tan fast and maintaining it.

  You can get in for a quick tan and still finish any errands you might have to fulfill.


A Sophisticated Way to Tan....

Solarity Tanning Salon



We offer 3 of the StarPower® 548, which offers the following options;


We offer Sunless Tanning:

We offer 1 of the SolarForce® 652V, which offers the following options;

·  Full body spray tan

·  Partial spray tan

· Just your face, legs, etc.

· Competitors Pro Sunless spray


   With Airbrush spray tanning we can offer you hands on service to ensure you get the right color, that never turns ORANGE as we only use Norvell's trusted products. Also with airbrush spray tan you have a consultant ensure your tan has covered the areas that were requested.


  Spray booths can't offer that kind of hands on customer service and quality in a sunless/ spray  tan. 


  Need a Tan for Graduation, Competitions, Christmas parties, etc, get a tan in less than 10   minutes....


  Competitors please ask about our "Black Out" sunless tan...


·  9 minute maximum session time

·  52 Body Lamps


   This bed is perfect for those busy clients who are looking for a head-to-toe tan, but who prefer to stand and tan.


   This high intensity capsule has 52 body lamps that wrap around you while you tan. You achieve a quick, even tan.